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"This mug [glass] almost seems too good to be true. But I have felt the results after less than two weeks. I normally take quite a lot of pain medicine. Without thought or planning I have been able to drop TWO!! 10/500 mg of Lortabs from my daily regiment for over a week. That is a major accomplishment." Teresa M., McAlester, OK
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"I just went to the dentist to have a wisdom tooth pulled. The doctor told me I'd have to take motrin or some other pain killer. Well, I put an energized coaster (pain eraser) over that area and never felt even a tinge of pain! I'm 83 years old." - Elizabeth Bredell, Wyandotte MI. .... [2 months later] ...."I just went back to the dentist, and he said that everything had healed up so well, where I had the tooth pulled and placed the coaster over. Everything had healed up beautifully."
The large pendant is the best health product I have ever used. It has only been a week but I have seen tremendous results. I have been into health since I was 13 years old and I am now 53. You mentioned that they will not be making the large pendant any more. That is unfortunate. I wanted to get another one and even start marketing it. Thanks,
Not Your Ordinary Mug!
Positively Amazing Breakthrough!!

Make Your Liquids and Foods Essential

The Essential Energy Mug is a new product that contains highly charged, energized, and positively polarized water in the space between its double walls. This has the effect of energizing any liquid or food that is put into the mug.

Liquids, such as juices, coffees, teas and colas placed inside the Energy Mug, for instance, result in having a less acidic, fresher and sweeter taste, that most people claim goes beyond that.

    "I ordered from you about a month ago. I'm a 76 year old diabetic (Type II). I try to control by diet & exercise. My Blood Sugar was 160-190. After a couple weeks, my sugar was 115-135. Nothing changed except I drank only out of the mug. I also quit putting on shaving cream. Just water out of the mug. My wrinkles seem to be getting less. Hope my white hair changes! Thanks." Don Flowers

When any hot or cold food substance (also vitamins, skin care products, etc) is placed in the Energy Mug for 2 or more minutes, positive "energy information" is transferred from the energized water between the inner and outer shells of the Mug to the new liquid being treated.

Science has recently shown that substances that affect you negatively have a "right" spin. That is, the electrons of the substance spin around their nucleus in a "right", or clockwise direction (with respect to the atom's magnetic hemisphere). For more information on this, please go to: Bovis Definition, and Bovis Scale, and Earth location energy levels. But when the mug treats the water for 2 or more minutes, this "right" spin is changed to a "left" spin. i.e. the electrons in the new substance can now take on a positive "left" spin. And also, once the mug has imparted this positive information to the water or food in the mug, its free radical nature may be reduced, amoung other good things.

You'll have to try these amazing products for yourself to experience the real difference!

Results and Experiences

Invented by German scientists, the results in the last few years using the Essential Energy Mug are very promising:

  • People who were never able to drink tap water before, now have no problem. They even think it's much better than Supermarket Water...

  • Plants grow as never before. Using this energized water in a vase, NOW it takes up to 3 weeks before the water turns green, and flowers last much longer. In a fish tank, it has been seen that algae growth is slowed, so cleaning the tank is required less often, and the fish are much more vital.

  • In one Barber shop, the owner is now using just Energy Mug water to shave his customers with no soap.

  • A farmer called me up after putting an energy egg in his refrigerator, exclaiming, "Before the egg, my goat's milk only lasted for 2 or 3 days in the refrigerator. But now with the egg, it's lasting over a month!"

  • ...And much more. See some more testimonials.";

What Makes the Essential Energy Mug So Unique?

Almost everyone knows today that most tap water is 'dead' water. But did you know that it can actually rob you of energy? Nobody really trusts drinking the water that comes out of their tap. Look at the alternative billion-dollar bottled water industry. How much better do you think this actually is?

Wouldn't it be great if there was some way of reversing the negative, lifeless information in most water and reverting it to water that allows the cells of the body to stay hydrated (full of water), and imbibe you with more energy?

Most people are aware that our fragile water resources are in poor condition, having been damaged by industrial, agricultural, urban, and other sources of pollutants. And the wetlands which naturally purify water have been disappearing under the onslaught of development and construction. Water tables are shrinking from the demands of large populations. How many people today would refrain from drinking water found in a river or lake? How many of these waterways are considered severely damaged or near dead?! And the water in your home may be as energy-drained as many of our rivers and lakes, besides containing numerous chemicals or other toxic substances.

Typical purification systems merely cleanse the water of various chemical, heavy metal and organic contaminants, but do not restore energy to the water. Compare this with the PX Essential Energy Mug, developed in 1995 to restore lifeless water into a more pristine, revitalized element. After all, water is a vital nutrient to life and health, along with clean air and clean food.

In the larger environmental picture, what we have done in the past century and longer is to release more contaminated, de-energized water and other pollutants back into our groundwater system. The groundwater quality decreases. Then we re-use the water, then recycle it back more depleted, into an increasingly negative feedback loop. That's the most important reason tap water is not life-positive. And other damaging factors exasterbate the situation: the pressure in pipes, the pressure from water pumps, straight-line water pipes or conduits (remember, in nature water curves and spirals), exposure to negatively charged chemicals, heavy metals, or other contaminants. These factors combine in a telling loss of charge, or vibratory rate.

A long time ago, people were able to bath themselves and clean their clothes just by using natural water, without soap, because at that time, the water was not depleted, but was energized and left-spinning. Because of pollution, now all our planet's elements, including water, are energy-depleted. The Essential Energy Mug is a new product that can reverse this cycle of negativity into an ever-increasing positive energy, groundwater loop.

The energy encased in the Essential Energy Mug has been upgraded and now has a reading of 5 million Bovis. Scientists measure most tap water at only about 3,000 Bovis! And the neutral energy point for the human body is about 6,000 Bovis - that's the reason you are losing energy every time you drink tap, or negative, right-spinning water - because water is less than the 6,000 neutral point of the body!

What is 'Bovis' energy? Well, Anton Bovis was a French scientist who worked with life force energy. The term 'Bovis', is now equated with biophotons, or the smallest particles of light energy, too subtle to be seen by the naked eye. And all living things cannot exist without biophotons. Actually, it can be said that all living things are biophotons. Specifically, electrons absorb and also emit biophotons, which is why our electron-rich DNA is a storehouse for biophotons. So the higher the Bovis energy level of something, that comes in contact with our cells, the higher in energy your DNA has, thus the higher one's health and well-being becomes.

Thus, this emitting of high Bovis (biophotonic) energy to your drinking water, that the Energy Mug does, sets it widely apart from, and well above, magnetized, filtered, purified, mineralized or otherwise artificially contrived waters on the market today.

Energy Mug - You'll Taste the Difference!

Use this mug every day to help retard acidic tastes of juices, coffees, teas and other beverages. Simply place food or liquid into the Energy Mug and wait at least 2 minutes, which will energize the liquid to a left-spinning minimum positive level (above 6,000 Bovis). Depending on the quality of the water, after a few minutes, the liquid will go up to 18,000 - 40,000 Bovis units. And if left in the mug longer, will go up much higher - depending on the liquid, it will go up to 1.5 million Bovis if left in 24 hours. And after energizing, you can transfer this energized liquid to any other of your preferred containers and it will maintains this energy level indefinitely.

A truly amazing product! Suitable for both hot and cold drinks or food.

All living systems emit bio-photons (particles of light energy, like the Mug)

Pictured at right are two algae Acetabularia acetabulum emitting photons in darkness.

$60.00 MSRP

(Special care and handling instructions: These products should not be x-rayed or microwaved. Therefore do not place through airport hand luggage conveyer since it uses x-rays. The new airport screeners will also discharge the products. Only hand-carrying through metal detectors is safe. And checked baggage is now randomly x-rayed, so remove and allow hand inspection. (Note: in today's paranoid-security world, most airports will confiscate these devices)


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